Monday, January 6, 2014

using cluster

To shutdown all compute nodes
 Rocks run host “/sbin/shutdown –h now”
To switch off the master node
 Shutdown -h now

Switch on

Storage head
1              5 (switch on from here)
2              4 -à wait till blue light starts blinking
3              3
4              2
5              1-à orange light will blink in starting

Serve master node and compute node

Head node                          1              6 -à (start from here) blue light blinks
 Compute node -0-0       2             7
Compute node-0-1         3              8
Compute node -0-2        4              9
Compute node -0-3         5             10

Note: the storage power switch is at the back side of the server each storage have two power switch
When we switch on the compute nodes the blue light blue lights blinks wait for some time, note the monitor if it stuck with the black screen hit F1 and it will take you to the following screen

The pic represents the compute node is switch on

The above pic represents the master node and the compute nodes

The pic represents the storage, the storage is like master storage and remaining all are storage of our compute nodes, it should be having blue light blinking but it is having some faults with the power concern so it blinks the amber light
Once you log into the compute nodes may it ask for the password the following commands can be given
rocks sync host sharedkey compute-0-0 (nodes you wish to setup a password less connection)
 /sbin/service autofs restart
rocks run host ‘/sbin/service autofs restart’
rocks sync users

rocks sync config