Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Installing Bio Python in local Ubuntu server

I am trying to install biopython in my ubuntu server but hit the wall several times with this error message:
Cannot fetch index base URL

I checked my pip version using the following command:

$pip --version and the output is 1.5.4.

I googled little bit about it and saw this nice post at

I followed this exactly and installed pip version 1.2.1 and checked the path where it is installed. For instance my earlier pip version is not over written and it is installed in a separate place, then calling pip will still use it from the previous location.

So, I did the following:

/usr/local/bin/pip install biopython and it worked like a charm.

Monday, June 1, 2015

downloading a research articles even if your institute dont have access you can download ...

no need to put request in facebook to download papers also  here to download research articles
Just follow this procedure to download any Research Article
Step 1: Goto
Step 2 Then goto Research Papers
Step 3 Then goto Scientific Journals
Step 3 Type here DOI no of your article that usually starts from 10.10.....
Step 4 Hit Search button to download same

If unable to download it
Just follow these steps
Step 1: Goto
Step 2 Then goto Research Papers
Step 3 Then goto server 1
Step 4 Just type URL of paper and hit search and paper is ready to download
and Method1 doesnt work...go to server1 option and don't type URL ,doi, pmid etc there , instead paste the full title of works...